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Book Review: Theresa in Wonderland

Theresa in Wonderland. Dominique Wilkins. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, August 21, 2012, Trade Paperback and e-book, 58 pages.

Reviewed by Sierra Kay.

Theresa in Wonderland begins with Theresa’s idyllic world being shattered by a high school bully.  One bright spot from the incident is her savior, Tina, who later becomes her best friend.  As the years pass, Theresa’s life gets back on track. She loves her husband, her best friend, and her children.  She has found her stride. But like the fictional character, Alice, an accident drops her down a rabbit hole where nothing is familiar and she has to determine if it’s even worth the effort to make her way back to the real world.

Dominique Wilkins provides a constant thread of faith that draws the reader through the highs and lows of Theresa’s journey.  Just like the journey, some aspects of the novella have rough patches.  However, Theresa is a strongly developed character who responds to changes in her life in a believable way.   She is not a boat rocker.  She doesn’t have to be.  Her life provides enough catalyst for change. The parallel nature of the story that aligns physically and emotionally damaging events simultaneously draws readers to the story through the last page. 

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