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Book Review: Purple Chicken

Purple Chicken: The Adventures and Misadventures of a Wannabe Chef. Ron Gaj. Published in Bloomington, Indiana, by iUniverse, January 17, 2013, Hardcover, Trade Paperback and e-book, 144 pages.

Reviewed by Roxe Anne Peacock.

Ron Gaj takes the reader on a journey as to what it is like to become a chef. Gaj gives a behind the scenes account  of the culinary school kitchen, overcrowded classrooms, the bureaucracy of filling out forms for grants, student loans, and unfilled promises by the tech school or college.   He takes you through the fights for space in the classroom kitchen, lack of supplies for the completion of projects, and kitchen disasters while adding a bit of humor.

Purple Chicken should appeal to foodies and culinary students alike. His book is similar to other culinary memoirs such as Beaten, Seared, and Sauced: On Becoming a Chef at the Culinary Institute of America by Jonathan Dixon, The Sharper Your Knife, The Less You Cry: Love, Laughter, and Tears at the World’s Most Famous Cooking School by Kathleen Finn, and Under The Table: Saucy Tales from Culinary School by Katherine Darling.

Ron Gaj is the owner and president of a technology consultant firm, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering. He resides in Illinois. While approaching retirement, Mr. Gaj decided to explore his passion for food by signing up for a culinary school. He graduated at the young age of 63. Purple Chicken is his first book.

If you are a foodie or love the culinary arts, Ron Gaj’s Purple Chicken should be on your list of books to read.

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