Book Review: Nobody's Child
Wednesday, November 19, 2014 at 8:54PM
Windy City Reviews

Nobody’s Child. Libby Fischer Hellmann. The Red Herrings Press, Chicago, August 15, 2014, Trade Paperback, Kindle, and Nook, 350 pages.

Reviewed by Roxe Anne Peacock.

Nobody’s Child is the fourth book in the crime thriller featuring Georgia Davis, an independent Chicago PI and former cop who packs a baby Glock and lives in Glencoe, Illinois, an affluent suburb on Chicago’s North Shore.

Reggie Field, owner of Designer Discount Den in Evanston, gets ripped off by a flash mob of kids wearing oversized jackets, baggie pants, and backpacks. He spots his new sales girl being cornered by a few of the punks, causing his blood pressure to rise and a boldness he didn’t know he had. He makes his way to the girl but not before being attacked himself. The last thing he hears as he slumps to the floor is her scream.

Mrs. Field contacts Georgia to investigate the incident that put her husband in the ER and is all over YouTube. Georgia has no idea that this will lead her on a dangerous roller coaster ride. While checking her cell for messages, her land phone rings with no caller ID. She answers to hear a female and male arguing. Seconds later, she is cut off by a sudden crack. The line goes dead.

A few days later, Georgia spots a man tailing her. She steps into a coffee shop to lose him, mentally going over her cases. Some time passes before she decides to go outside to confront him. As she turns toward him, a black SUV with its passenger window down heads toward the man. A series of loud gunshots splits the air, the bullets killing the man who’d been trailing her.

She climbs the steps to her apartment after checking her mail. Along with her bills is a Post-it note attached to a long white envelope found wedged between the wall and a table by one of her neighbors. A small scrap of paper falls to the floor stating the author is her half-sister, who is pregnant and living in Chicago. She needs Georgia’s help. Finding her sister leads her into the dangerous world of illegal sex trafficking, drugs, and murder.

Nobody’s Child is masterfully written in alternating points of view. Whether you read this thriller as part of book four of the series or standalone, you will be on the edge of your seat wondering if illegal sex trafficking is in your community.

Award winning author Libby Fischer Hellmann is originally from Washington DC and now happily a Chicagoan. If you try to remove her from Chicago, she will go out kicking. She earned a Master’s Degree in Film Production from New York University and a BA in History from the University of Pennsylvania. Among her long list of accomplishments, Ms. Hellmann was the 2005-2006 National President of Sisters in Crime. She is the author of eleven thrillers and over twenty short stories and novellas.


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