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Book Review: Capturing Darkness with Light

Capturing Darkness with Light. Mary Sago. XLibris US, April 24, 2016, Hardcover, Trade Paperback, and Kindle, 77 pages.

Reviewed by Kandice N. Cole.

Capturing Darkness with Light is a collection of poems and essays about the author’s life and the struggles, triumphs, and lessons she gleaned along the way. Each poem dives into strong and familiar emotions like anger, confusion, optimism, and hope. The author explores themes like personal freedom and spiritual connection.

She writes in “Unchained”: “When I first realize the freedom that was surrounding me, everything I could see was unchained.” With vulnerability, she shares her personal revelations and the important connection she has with God. She also dedicates some of the essays to speak directly to men and women who may find themselves in tough situations or “the pressure cooker of life,” as one of her poems is titled. The author’s words propel the reader to strive and listen to their intuition, or the still small voice, which the author says, “brings joy in triumph and calms the most tragic storms of life.” It is clear that the author did not have the most comfortable life experiences, yet she found a way to share the silver linings with others.

This book of poems is great as an inspirational resource, especially during tough times. I found myself reading a few pages every morning much like a devotional. Though not particularly religious, I was still able to glean wisdom and insight. Some of the wording was occasionally repetitive since the poems followed similar themes throughout. I am hoping that the author writes another edition and will include images to accompany her powerful words.   


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