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Book Review: Seeds of Intention

Seeds of Intention. Andrea Thome. Hesse Creek Media: September 5, 2017, Trade Paperback, E-book, and Audiobook, 312 pages.

Reviewed by Kandice Cole.

Seeds of Intention is the second book in the Hesse Creek series by Andrea Thome. This novel takes place at the Walland Resort nestled in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. The setting provides a gorgeous backdrop that adds richness and depth. The story follows the journey of Garrett, the talented gardener at the Walland, and Willow, the new resort manager, as their paths intertwine after an unexpected turn of events finds Garrett reeling from a failed marriage proposal.

Willow quickly feels a romantic connection with Garrett after several chance encounters at the resort. She attempts to express her interest in Garrett one evening but is quickly rejected. Garrett does not intend to do that, but his broken heart has left him feeling defensive. He feels the connection too but is uncertain that he wants to open up his heart again. Willow respects his wishes and stays distant but cannot avoid him completely since they work together. Even from afar, Garrett finds himself becoming more attracted to her as they casually get to know one another. With the help of their mutual friends Wyatt and India, who were the main characters of the first Hesse Creek Series book, they start to open up to one another and develop a friendship. Their platonic relationship turns romantic after a Thanksgiving dinner ends early due to India going into labor.

As they both learn to trust one another and be vulnerable, their relationship quickly blossoms. Garrett gains an unwavering devotion to Willow and shows his commitment by every action that he takes to protect her. Willow gives Garrett the validation and care that he needs to be honest and intimate with her. Willow finds herself experiencing one tough situation after the next, and Garrett is by her side. From near-death experiences to cross-country relocations, they navigate it all with grace and love.

Fans of Nicholas Sparks’ books will enjoy Andrea Thome’s writing. She manages to tell a classic romantic story that is interesting, vibrant, and surprising. She writes in unexpected twists to the plot that feel realistic and not overly exaggerated. The characters are well-developed and the supporting characters play an important role in shaping the story. She delicately weaves the characters from the first Hesse Creek novel into this second one, connecting both stories naturally.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book and found myself longing to visit the Smoky Mountains that Andrea describes in such great detail. I am looking forward to the next installment of the Hesse Creek series. I would highly recommend it if you are looking for women's fiction, romance, or general fiction to add to your reading list.


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