Book Review: Jinn 
Monday, November 5, 2018 at 1:42PM
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Jinn: Djinn Rebellion, Book 1. Jessica Cage. Caged Fantasies Publications, June 15, 2018, Trade Paperback and E-book, 260 pages.

Reviewed by Jennifer Schulz.

Does magic exist? Are the creatures that yield magic just hiding, waiting for the right moment to make themselves known? Jinn, Book 1 of the  Djinn Rebellion series by USA Today bestselling author Jessica Cage, is full of magical creatures. Jinn takes place in a future world where humans are no longer in control after a war takes place between humans and magical creatures. Whereas urban fantasies may typically have magical creatures alongside humans, Jinn does not. The world now belongs to those that once hid: Fairies, Fae, Shifters, Witches, and Djinn, to name a few. While humans may not play a role in this new world, the problems they face are still present. Some groups are treated better than others, while others still hold all the power. Some starve and want nothing more than survival, while others want for nothing. 

In this new world, Jinn has sat back and watched for centuries, taking no real part in the wars that were fought for power and control. One day his friend, Mike, brings him information he cannot ignore: Nitara, the love of his Jinn’s life, still lives, and Mike knows how to find her.Jinn has something Mike does not: powers and relationships with the Fairies and Fae. In exchange for the information, Mike needs Jinn to help him help his people. Since the humans lost control, Mike’s people have spent their lives in parts of the world that most could not long survive. It will not be an easy task, and Jinn’s rescue of Nitara can only happen with the help of Mike’s friends. For their journey to work, they will have to look past what they have been led to believe about each race of beings and get to know each other for who they truly are.

I found Jinn to be an easy read. It was fun, and I found myself comparing issues the characters faced with issues currently seen across social media and the news. Many of the characters were judged by each other based on what they were instead of who they are. As they get to know each other better, those preconceived notions are thrown away. They begin to trust, and rely on each other as friends, as they try to save not only Jinn’s love, but also the world. While Jinn’s love is what finally drives him to get involved, once he learns the truth—of what he has been blind to for so long—he realizes it is no longer just about Nitara.

As is ever-important with fantasy stories, I felt I was able to travel to Jinn’s world and experience his quest with him and his companions. It was refreshing to read a story that does not center around magical creatures acting as assistants to a human lead. Instead, the characters make their own choices and are not bound by the will of their human leader. If you are in search of a fun weekend read that you can escape into, I do recommend Jinn


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