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Book Review: The Perihelion: Complete Duology

The Perihelion: Complete DuologyD.M. Wozniak. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, June 9, 2018, Trade Paperback and E-book, 748 pages.

Reviewed by T.L. Needham.

D.M. Wozniak’s The Perihelion: Complete Duology opens with the novella, “The Rue Cler Decommission," which sets the stage for his two fantastic main novels: The Perihelion and An Obliquity. The opening events reveal a stunning assassination of a hybrid 99er that induces death by desire, initiating the two-book series.

The Perihelion (the perihelion is the point in an orbit of a celestial body that is nearest the sun*explores a highly symbolic event that aptly describes the theme driving this dystopian tale. Then, the author seamlessly brings us to the sequel, An Obliquity (a deviation from moral rectitude and or sound thinking*). Each book is equally exciting, engaging, and compelling—yet, it always makes sense to start at the beginning.

As the story unfolds, a mystery emerges as certain 99ers are killed off by exposure to deadly desire. Those hunting for answers to this mystery become the hunted. At the same time, one 99er with unique abilities plots to bring down the entire high-tech structure holding the Bluecore 1C society together. The fast-paced drama pulls six main characters together as their stories spiral on a collision course to a deadly and dramatic final outcome. The pace quickens brilliantly to a conclusion that is stunning, profound, disturbing, and thought-provoking.  

The Perihelion: Complete Duology is a complex, creative, and brilliant achievement by the author. You will be craving another sequel to learn what happens next to those engaging characters who survive.

* Merriam Webster Dictionary

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