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Book Review: My Lullaby of You

My Lullaby of YouAlia Rose. Plum Anchor Press, June 16, 2018, Trade Paperback and E-book, 277 pages.

Reviewed by Stephanie Tilton.

My Lullaby of You,by Alia Rose, is an intense tale of young love. Rose takes readers on an emotional journey of love, loss, and passion. The two main characters, Seth and Amy, meet in the most unlikely way. Their love blossoms quickly, but will it last?

When we first meet Seth, he’s a college student who left the orchestra to find his father and make peace with his past. Before connecting with his father, Seth decides to learn more about the beachside town where he'll be living that summer. This is when he meets Amy.

Amy has just finished her senior year of high school and was accepted into an arts-based college. The only problem: the school is located in Chicago. Her mother had no idea about the application and becomes furious with Amy, completely shutting her out for months. Amy’s only place of solace from the harsh treatment is the sea. 

While going for a midnight swim, she saves Seth’s life. Their romance doesn't begin right away. Through much begging on Seth’s part, Amy reluctantly agrees to lunch. The two meet at the ocean to talk and swim, almost daily. During one of their dates on the beach, Seth mentions to Amy that he is a musician. He leaves her with one of his recordings.

Not impressed with his taste in music, Amy suggests he take a gentle approach with his songs. Seth decides to write a few ballads of his own. Weeks later, while working at a local club, Seth is asked to sing for the crowd. His first song is about a girl he loves: Amy. 

What Amy doesn’t know is that Seth’s past is her present. Tough decisions are made. We find out just how strong the bonds of love are in this novel.

Alia Rose started writing at a young age. She fell in love with creativity and hasn’t stopped writing. You can tell that the characters inMy Lullaby of Youare well thought out. Her love of traveling helped her create scenes that are true to the areas of inspiration.

I think this book is a great read for any young adult that struggles with love, life, and making big decisions. I felt like I was back in my early college years while reading the story of Amy and Seth. The battles they dealt with and feelings they felt were all too real. This book is full of emotional avenues young adults must face and gives positive examples for overcoming them. 


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