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Submissions: How to get your book reviewed


Windy City Reviews is happy to review traditional, indie, or self published books in print and eBook formats.

To be considered for a review, the writer and work MUST BE affiliated with Chicago.

The book must have a publication date within the last twelve (12) months. We will also consider pre-publication reviews. While membership in Chicago Writers Association is not required, why not take advantage of all the great benefits, all for only $25. CLICK HERE for more information.

We have a team of reviewers with interests in different genres. Please refer to Our Reviewers page to select three reviewers who you feel are best suited to review your book.

To be considered for a book review, please prepare a query, per the format below, and send it to our Review Coordinator, Dan Burns, at daniel_r_burns@msn.com.

PLEASE NOTE: By submitting your review query by email to Windy City Reviews, you grant Windy City Reviews the right to publish your completed review on the WCR website.


Required Query Format:

  1. Author name:
  2. Email address: 
  3. Chicago affiliation of writer and work:
  4. Book Title:
  5. Price:
  6. Category/genre:
  7. Word count:
  8. Traditional or independent publisher name:
  9. Professional editor of the book. Please provide editor’s name, contact information (website, Facebook, or LinkedIn), and specific editing credentials and experience. We do not review books that have not been professionally edited.
  10. Book release date: (within the last twelve 12 months)
  11. Synopsis of the story (200 word max):
  12. Author biography (100 word max):
  13. Are You a Member of the Chicago Writers Association?
  14. Submission formats available: electronic, print, or both?
  15. Requested reviewer #1: (Please select three reviewers who you feel are best suited to read and review your book)
  16. Requested reviewer #2:
  17. Requested reviewer #3: